Unlocking Hip-Hop’s Future: AI’s Emerging Role and Challenges in Music 

 August 16, 2023

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: In a creative blend of music and technology, WIRED contributor C. Brandon Ogbunu and Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco envisage the path of hip hop intertwining with AI, casting light on its potential to influence the future of the genre. As we delve into this pioneering intersection of music and technology, we highlight the emerging implications and challenges for artists in our increasingly digital world.

The Emergence of AI in Hip-Hop

Picture this: It’s August 2073. A rapper dubbed Dice Benoit steps on the stage, armed not just with her inherent talent but also with the immersive power of augmented reality technology. She isn’t merely about to perform verses she’s crafted—she’s on the cusp of unveiling AI-generated rhymes in an electrifying live rap battle. The crowd hinges on the authenticity of these lines, scrutinizing the quality of the training data set powering her AI.

The Crisis of Byte-ing

Yet, amid this rise of AI in music, an intriguing conflict surfaces: the transgression of “byte-ing”. This term refers to an artist attributing human elements to an AI-generated work, sparking a complex dialogue surrounding authenticity and creativity in this evolving landscape.

Virtual Record Deal Auctions: The New Norm

Beyond the dazzling rap battles, the grip of AI extends to the business side of music. Dice Benoit finds herself in a fascinating setting—a virtual record deal auction. Here, artists vie for contracts with record labels, not through traditional talent scouting, but based on the value of their training data. Dice Benoit’s strategy is to impress with her diverse range of topics and rhymes showcased through her AI.

Such fictional narratives serve as a springboard for pondering the role AI could play in shaping the future of hip-hop, the implications on creativity, authorship, and the business facet of music.

In embracing advances like AI, we need to navigate the integral values that should underpin its application. As in the legal or medical profession, where accuracy, authenticity, and quality service form the bedrock, the same applies here. Hip-hop artists, just like attorneys or doctors, face the daunting task of adapting to AI without compromising their professional fundamentals.

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