AI Uprising in Michigan: Embrace the Revolution or Face Extinction! 

 August 20, 2023

By  Seraphina Winters

Summary:Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword; it’s a reality shaping our world profoundly. AI’s impact is felt across various industries, from healthcare to law, marketing, and sales to education. While the fear of AI replacing human jobs is real, the truth is more nuanced. The humans who embrace AI will replace those who do not. Let’s explore this concept further, using the unique example of the Amish community in Michigan.

The Amish Paradox: A Lesson in Progress

The Amish are renowned for their adherence to traditional methods and reluctance to embrace technology. They continue to use horse-drawn buggies and rely on manual labor for farming. While rich in tradition, this way of life has become increasingly incompatible with modern advancements. Consider the stark contrast between an Amish horse buggy on the road slowing down a Chevy truck pulling a 40-foot fifth-wheel camper. This difference in progress is not just a curiosity; it’s a metaphor for the challenges we face in the age of AI.

Why do the Amish reject even rudimentary technology? While some may find happiness in traditional methods, progress, and societal advancements cannot be denied. Similarly, those who resist integrating AI into their professional lives may be left behind as AI becomes increasingly capable.


The Misconception of Job Security

Some professionals believe their jobs are safe from AI. Project managers, for instance, may argue that their roles require human creativity and decision-making abilities that AI cannot replicate. This misconception could prove detrimental to their careers. AI has the potential to replace jobs in several fields, including:

  • Law: AI can draft legal documents and provide legal reasoning.
  • Medicine: AI can offer advice on medical symptoms.
  • Marketing: AI can generate marketing plans and strategies, outperforming human consultants.
  • Sales: AI can automate the entire sales process, as seen in the example of a Tesla AI sales bot on an several-minute phone call offering and selling a test drive. Listen to the call below.
  • Education: AI can personalize and enhance the learning experience, surpassing human teachers.

These examples are not mere speculations; they are already unfolding realities.

The Rapid Evolution of AI

Reflecting on the history of computing, it becomes evident just how quickly technology evolves. Computers that were once cutting-edge in the 1980s are now relics. Similarly, AI is progressing rapidly, driven by advancements in predictive algorithms and statistical modeling.

AI will permeate society much more swiftly than the gradual adoption of automobiles in the 20th century. Within the next two to five years, AI will extend its reach into numerous knowledge-based professions in Michigan and beyond, displacing traditional jobs. This doesn’t mean that humans will be replaced, but rather that they will gain access to tools that exponentially increase their efficiency. A single person empowered by AI can accomplish the work that used to require a team of 20 individuals.

The Challenge of Transitioning and Reskilling

The question then becomes, what happens to the other 19 individuals whose roles have been absorbed by AI? Society must grapple with the challenges of transitioning and reskilling a workforce that AI has displaced. While AI advancements undoubtedly increase efficiency and productivity, it’s crucial to ensure that individuals affected by these changes have avenues for retraining and finding new employment opportunities.

This challenge is particularly acute in Michigan, where expertise-based workers are a vital part of the economy. How do we balance the promise of AI with the need for workforce reskilling? How do we ensure that the benefits of AI are not limited to a few but shared across industries and communities?


Embracing AI: A Path to Thriving in the Evolving World

To remain competitive in the future workforce, individuals must comprehensively understand AI and its implications. Just as it was essential to learn about computers in the 1980s or adapt traditional farming methods in the face of technological advancements, acquiring knowledge about AI is crucial to navigating the changing job landscape.

In Michigan, this means fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. It means investing in education and training programs that equip workers with the skills to thrive in an AI-driven world. It means creating a supportive ecosystem that encourages industry, academia, and government collaboration.


While AI may not directly replace humans, the humans who embrace AI will thrive in the evolving world. Understanding and utilizing AI’s capabilities can enrich various industries, enabling professionals to achieve unparalleled efficiency. However, this transformation also poses challenges, such as job displacement and the need for workforce reskilling.

As AI continues to advance, embracing its potential and proactively preparing for change will be crucial for individuals, industries, and society as a whole. In Michigan, where expertise-based workers are at the forefront of innovation, the stakes and opportunities are high.

The journey towards an AI-driven future is not without obstacles, but with thoughtful planning, collaboration, and a willingness to adapt, we can ensure that the promise of AI is realized for all. The lessons from the Amish community serve as a reminder that progress is inevitable, but how we navigate that progress is a choice we must make with care, empathy, and foresight.

By addressing the challenges and opportunities of AI, this article aims to resonate with expertise-based workers in Michigan. It encourages dreams of innovation, justifies the struggles with technological adaptation, and empathizes with the fears of job displacement. The future is here, and it’s time to embrace it. How will you prepare for the AI revolution?

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Seraphina Winters

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