Unleashing the Power of ‘Interrupt’: The First Step in the I.E.E.O Equation 

 August 6, 2023

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: Engage with the right crowd by understanding the significance of ‘Interrupt’ in the I.E.E.O equation. Learn the art of generating relevant traffic to your professional services, ensuring a fruitful relationship with potential clients.

The I.E.E.O equation – Interrupt, Engage, Educate, Offer – is a proven roadmap to marketing success. In this framework, ‘Interrupt’ forms the crucial first step. Like striking the right chord on a guitar, it’s about attracting the attention of the people who matter most to your business. But how do we ensure that the chord resonates with the right crowd?

Imagine a world-class neurosurgeon offering a free seminar on the complexities of brain surgery at a software developers’ conference. No matter how knowledgeable or articulate, the neurosurgeon is unlikely to pique the interest of an audience focused on coding and software development. Why? Because it’s not a match for their immediate interests or needs.

This is the essence of ‘Interrupt’ in the I.E.E.O equation. It’s not just about making noise; it’s about resonating with the right crowd. It’s being where your potential clients are, speaking their language, addressing their concerns, and understanding their dreams.

Modern-day professionals are leveraging this concept using today’s version of a referral system – online platforms like Google, Yelp, or Avvo. These platforms serve as a beacon, guiding relevant traffic to your services based on user needs and reviews.

However, the key here is not just ‘traffic’ but ‘relevant traffic.’ It’s about attracting people who are genuinely interested in what you offer – like a master baker seeking cake lovers, not those merely in search of a warm spot to escape the winter chill.

Consider, for instance, a family law attorney. Their expertise could be of interest to a wide variety of people. But attracting traffic from individuals in the middle of a divorce or custody dispute means they’ve successfully ‘Interrupted’ potential clients who are likely to need their services. This is the power of a well-executed ‘Interrupt.’ It’s about breaking through the noise and resonating with those who value your expertise.

The ‘Interrupt’ doesn’t just increase visibility; it does so in a targeted way, attracting those who are most likely to benefit from your professional services. Once you’ve successfully ‘Interrupted’ and captured the attention of your potential clients, the subsequent stages of Engage, Educate, and Offer help to cultivate these relationships further.

But it all starts with ‘Interrupt’. It’s the initial move in the dance of the I.E.E.O equation that sets the rhythm for a successful performance. The goal isn’t to step on as many feet as possible, but rather to guide the right partners through the dance.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into each element of the I.E.E.O equation. Together, we’ll navigate the steps of this dance, leading you to practice growth and success.

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Joe Habscheid

Joe Habscheid is the founder of midmichiganai.com. A trilingual speaker fluent in Luxemburgese, German, and English, he grew up in Germany near Luxembourg. After obtaining a Master's in Physics in Germany, he moved to the U.S. and built a successful electronics manufacturing office. With an MBA and over 20 years of expertise transforming several small businesses into multi-seven-figure successes, Joe believes in using time wisely. His approach to consulting helps clients increase revenue and execute growth strategies. Joe's writings offer valuable insights into AI, marketing, politics, and general interests.

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