Protecting Identity: Rising Biometric Threats and Our Fight for Privacy 

 January 9, 2024

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: As we face an uncertain future, the pressing question arises: Will the rise of biometric surveillance systems lead to an increase in biometric identity theft and anti-surveillance measures? The simple yet alarming answer is yes. With an unprecedented surge in the use of AI-powered facial recognition systems expected by 2024, the threat of biometric identity theft is becoming increasingly significant. As a result, societies must confront their deepest fears and grapple with new measures to protect their identities and personal data.

Voice Clones: A New Frontier for Fraud

Technological advancements are not always a boon. In some instances, they can be a bane, particularly when they fall into the wrong hands. Voice clones, already being exploited for scams, involve mimicking the voices of loved ones to extort money. As generative AI tools become more advanced and face and voice data become more widely available online, the ability to steal biometric identities for fraudulent purposes is likely to increase.

Abuse of Facial Recognition: Ethical and Legal Concerns

Governments may adopt biometric mimicry for psychological warfare, leading to wrongful accusations based on facial recognition matches. Considering the current instances of misidentification—primarily affecting the elderly, people of color, dark-skinned, and gender nonconforming individuals—the misuse and abuse of this technology could pose significant ethical and legal challenges. Crucially, these concerns must take center stage in our discussions, urging us to strive for solutions that balance innovation and human rights.

Generative AI Tools: The Threat of False Evidence

The rising power of generative AI tools allows intelligence agencies and other malevolent actors to create false evidence, such as doctored videos of alleged co-conspirators confessing to crimes. Alarmingly, open-source generative AI systems could also increase the circulation of damaging and illegal content, such as revenge porn and child sexual abuse materials on the dark web. This distressing reality underscores the need for stringent regulations and measures to combat this impending threat.

The Fight for Biometric Privacy: A Necessity

In response, societies worldwide must proactively protect their biometric identities. The fight for biometric privacy will shape future trends, from fashion choices reflecting different regional biometric regimes—such as face coverings that serve as both fashion statements and tools of anti-surveillance—to calls for children to be “biometric naive,” meaning none of their biometric data is scanned or stored by governments or institutions. Companies will also play a crucial role, offering products that distort ocular biometric information and 3D printing tools used to create face prosthetics.

In a future where privacy is a prized commodity, unaltered faces could become a symbol of seldom-found intimacy, a place where the heart of personal identity can still reside, unscanned and unmeasured by AI eyes.

The battle for biometric privacy is a fierce one, with individuals and communities tirelessly working to safeguard their identities and personal information from misuse and exploitation. As professionals in various fields, we must stay alert to these trends, understanding their implications for our work, our clients, and society as a whole.

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Featured Image courtesy of Unsplash and Evgeniy Alyoshin (rnXKsoo-j00)

Joe Habscheid

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